Simple Screening Guide to Find the Perfect Lawnmower for Your Lawn



  1. Find your total lawn size

Visit Pyoor simple mapping tool on the link below to find your lawn size and match it with the lawn size categories at our web shop. It is only a few minutes process.


  1. Slopes in the lawn

The robots can manage slightly steeper inclines than what is described for the respective models. However, it is essential that the terrain is close to flat by the lawn edges where the robot will turn.


  1. Determine whether you have an even or uneven lawn

Many robots are quite sensitive to divots and small variations in the lawn. The robots that are specified in the description or suggested to only operate on even lawns should be carefully considered for only that purpose. However, there are many robots available that are designed for uneven lawns and perform awesome on those conditions

An even yard can consist of hills and slopes, but it requires a smooth ground without small variations in the lawn.


  1. Do you have a complex or open lawn?

We suggest following the robot descriptions for what type the models are suited for. A rule of thumb, lawns with either multiple obstacles (e.g. trees, flower beds, swimming pools, shrubs), several sub zones or/and slopes we strongly suggest to aim for a model that can cover more lawn than required for your yard. In order to have playtime on your lawn without robot working we suggest shaving off 15% of the suggested lawn size capacity for the robot.

Now the fun starts! At this point you are probably still down to several robots that fit your yard. Please consider the following to land on your perfect mower:

  • Design
  • Price
  • GSM or Bluetooth connection. All the models can be controlled through either Robomow or Ambrogio app on your smart device, but only the GSM models can be remotely controlled from anywhere at any time. Bluetooth connection requires to be nearby the robot
  • Cutting height. In general, organic yards should be trimmed at an higher cut in order to prevent for weeds